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It is a leading traveling portal connecting people around the world.


Yor Hero is a great app specifically designed to develop a connection between technicians and users to fix the ___ is a great app specifically designed to develop a connection between technicians and users to fix the Wi-Fi Routers, etc. The concept was to provide personal assistant to assist them regarding their electronics problems.


Integration & design was the biggest challenge in developing this app. One of the most striking challenges was wireless integration. The purpose of the app was to be clean and straightforward. It was quite a challenge to incorporate all the features into an easy set-up and be easily understood by the users and pleasant for the eye.


Our developers worked on the user interface & working process to fix the challenges. The main goal of developing this application was to act as a personal assistant and develop an interface with numerous functions such as Onboarding screen, Profile, and Feedback. It contains multiple screens in layered and organized elements.


Each screen is fully customizable, easy to use, and carefully assembled. It is the first personal assistant or a robot app with an evolving personality that adapts to each individual. Designed to do more than just respond to commands, this advanced technology proactively assists you with your day-to-day problems happening with electronics & gadgets.

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Here are some samples of our recent work. Our technicians strive for and make sure to deliver nothing less perfection. From analyzing the business idea to launching the product, we cater to each step with utmost excellence. To check our impressive project history, you can visit the portfolio page.

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YOR Hero Mobile App

The designing for a mobile app is altogether a different style of designing where UX/ UI has the maximum value.

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